Pip Moss
Pip Moss, IPMS Patriot chapter
Colin O'Keefe, age 5
Colin O'Keefe
Mike O'Keefe
Mike O'Keefe, IPMS Patriot chapter
Bill Michaels, IPMS Patriot Chapter
Bill Michaels


Model Gallery
Models built by Spare Time Shop Customers
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The Spare Time Shop would like to invite our customers to submit photos of their models for our new Model Gallery. Anyone, beginner to expert, young or old, can submit photos of models that they've made from kits they purchased at The Spare Time Shop, and we'll post them, space permitting.

Any kit purchased from us is eligible. Scratch-built or modified kits are also eligible, as long as most of the materials and/or parts (plastic, wood, paints, etc.) were purchased from us.

If you have photos you'd like included, send an email to the webmaster, and we'll write back telling you how to submit the photos.

Come join in the fun!